Pann & Sowmya - A Romatic Proposal at Chennai Airport / by Karthik Rajagopal

Here is a short documentary about two sweet people who met each other at the airport after six months of separation. Pann flew from Singapore and Sowmya from Kuwait to Chennai for wedding shopping. This is the first time the Pann proposes to Sowmya formally. This is mixed with an interview of how they fell for each other. This was one of the most exciting assignments I have shot. Thanks to me friend Sripad... without him I would not have been able to shoot this wonder piece. 

Pann & Sowmya - A Romatic Proposal at Chennai Airport

This assignment started with a facebook chat session with Vani one of our mutual friends who lives in Singapore.  She asked me if I would be interested in shooting one of her friends proposing to his girl at Chennai Airport on 24th Jan 2015. As soon as I heard about it, I wanted to take this assignment. I was really excited.

Pann called me a couple of days before the assignment when he was in Bangalore. The plan was to to meet at Chennai for wedding purchase. He told me that he is meeting Sowmya after 6 months and he felt that it was the right moment to propose his love to his fiance formally and he decided to make this a surprise.  I happily agreed to take up this assignment. As this would involve a lot of expressions, I decided to make this a video more than still photography.

I immediately called up my Sripad who is the best documentary film maker that I could reach and request :P He was also equally excited to take this up... And I should say he did an amazing work in filming and editing.

Because of bad weather the flight which was supposed to reach on 25th morning got cancelled. So we had to defer the shoot by a day. I was bit paranoid about shooting at the airport on Republic days as the security was pretty tight esp with President Obama visiting India. Fortunately, people around in the airport thought that we were shooting celebrities. 

To see what happened in the airport and to listen to how they feel for each other, please spare 06:36 minutes to see the video :)