FAQs on Behance Portfolio Reviews. by Karthik Rajagopal


What is a Behance Portfolio Review?

Portfolio Review events are hosted by companies, professional organizations, and individuals interested in connecting their creative community, and attended by creatives of all disciplines and experience levels looking for inspiration and actionable feedback on their work.

What is the difference between review of photographs by an individual/ getting comments on social media as compared to this event?

A Behance portfolio review is not limited to giving a critic on a photograph / an art work. It’s a review of your complete body of work. Experts will give insights on how to take your work further. You will get an actionable feedback on your work.

You have called in experts and established people. I am a beginner, is it apt for me to attend?

Whether you are a beginner or a person who has progressed advanced, this forum shall help you take the next step. As a beginner you will draw a lot of inspiration from the work of others and get to know from experts on your strengths and weaknesses and take appropriate action. It will be an opportunity to meet fellow artist and socialize with them.

Can I get my Portfolio reviewed on Multiple Genre by Multiple Judges?

Its our aim that participants should get maximum benefit. Our answer depends on the number of participants and time left. We will do our best to keep you happy.

Do you charge a fee?

Its absolutely free.

Do you give a prize?

Yes Adobe gives Behance awards. This shall be given to members based on judge’s discretion. One person get a full pack of adobe application access for an year.

Am I allowed to use Social Media Apps at the Venue?

You are absolutely free to use FB, Instagram and Tweet from the venue. It’s a cool event. In fact you can hash tag #BehanceReviewsChennai. Its our request not to use mobile phone while you are in conversation with the judge.

How am I supposed to bring my work for review?

1. Photographers and Artists bringing prints/ painting can bring their work in sizes 12 x 8 inches and above as it will be convenient for review.

2. Photographers, animators bringing soft copy are requested to bring their work in pen-drive, laptops, iPads/ Tabletswith displays of 9 inch and above. We shall not review pictures on mobile phones, SD cards, CDs, DVDs and Bluerays.

3. Most importantly bring best of your work which shows diversity in your style of work. Bring a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 20 art works, so that you get more time with the judge on review.


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