Wedding Photography


No experiment is complete without showing the results of the work. I shot two rolls of B&W film FOMAPAN ISO 200 film that I bought from my friend Thasin Jeelani who resells some films for a good price in Chennai. At that point of time this was the only film that was available to me immediately. I wish I shot in Illford or Kodak films which would have given even better results. As soon as I saw the scanned results I felt..... No let me stop here. You be the judge and let me know what you feel in the comments section below.

Here are some pics from wedding. If you have not read the first part, I suggest you read it too:

Here are some pics from the wedding. These were from the first roll.

Here are some pictures shot for the couple around Papanasam. I have also shot some random shots of the village.

How do you invite your friends for your wedding? by Karthik Rajagopal

While many resort to preparing interesting wedding invitations, here is a couple who have went on an environment friendly, yet an interesting way to announce their relationship and invite for their wedding.

Imagination is the best description... Camera went out of focus :P

Concept & Photography by Karthik Rajagopal

Thermocol Artin & Slate Script by Krithika Chidambaram