Karthik Rajagopal

Even mountains can’t come between me and my camera bag ;)

Even mountains can’t come between me and my camera bag ;)

About me

I am Karthik Rajagopal a professional wedding photographer and a filmmaker. I am a qualified Mechanical Engineer and an alumni of SP Jain Institute of Management & Research. I started my career as a Research and Development engineer at L&T and engineering was my profession until April 2014 when I mustered my guts to quit engineering and follow my passion on photography. From that day I have been a full time professional photographer and filmmaker.

I have been practiced photography as serious hobby since 2005 and the passion still continues in my commercial work. I have shot over 200 weddings in the last 5 years apart from my assignments doing portraiture, product photography and documentary films. I practiced photography as serious hobby since 2005 and it still continues as a passionate work.

Apart from being a commercial photographer I have been conducting photography workshops from 2011. I have conducted more than 30 workshops so far. For my workshops I have associated with brands like Sony, Fujifilm, Zeiss, PhaseOne, Sigma, Profoto, Godox and Phottix to name a few. I also review gear and publish as blogs and started doing Youtube videos of late. A strong foundation on the concepts of photography, lighting and technical aspects of how a camera works helps me handle any workshops or gear review with ease.

By nature I love meeting people and I enjoy shooting them. So my personal character extends to my commercial work & I completely focus on wedding photography and portraits.


Portrait Photography

Wedding Photography

Product Photography & Tabletop

Personal Work

Analog Photography

I have a set of two 35 mm cameras, 8 lenses and a Hasselblad 501cm medium format camera to shoot celluloid. Yes I still work with film for my personal work.

Wedding Films

We shoot both montages and documentary wedding films at TryAngle. Here are some of them.

Wedding Montage.

Wedding Documentaries.

Documentary Films

Here are some of our documentary films shot for NGO’s, corporates and motivational stories.

Documentary Films

Reviews & Blogs

While I am passionate photographer who gives more importance to the artistic side of photography, I am a passionate geek as well. You can find some blogs and reviews here.

Hornbill Blogs